Condo Insurance in Ohio

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There are many benefits to being a condominium owner in Ohio, but there are many unique risks, as well. It is different from being a single-family homeowner in that you must deal with the Condo insurance and your personal insurance. You have to reduce coverage gaps by making sure the two types of insurance overlap.

Also, since more than one policy is involved, you have to be sure to not pay for extra insurance that is already covered by a master insurance plan. Plus, you need to be sure you have extra liability insurance not covered by the master insurance plan.

Even though a condominium is communal, your insurance must be customized to your individual needs so you don’t pay too much.

Don’t worry about costs, though, because Ohio condo insurance can be more affordable. 

Think of Ohio condo insurance like a new suit that needs to be tailored to fit you. If the suit is too tight, you could be open to lawsuits, but if it’s too loose, you could overpay for coverage you don’t need. 

Condo coverage in Ohio can be purchased for reasonable rates by any person who has property in a development with joint property ownership. It’s different than homeowner insurance in that it complements your association’s insurance.

What does condo insurance cover?

  • Your stuff (contents)
  • Property Damage
  • Damage to someone else’s stuff
  • Liability claims against you for someone hurt in your condo, including medical bills and attorney fees
  • Additional living expenses for you when you have to leave the condo for a covered cause of loss

Here are two good reasons to act right away:

  • You must protect yourself by setting up your condo insurance before a claim is filed — by you or someone else in your condo community.
  • Ask now for your FREE no-risk quote. Just fill out a short form and we’ll demonstrate how affordable good Ohio condo insurance can be.

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