Hello Friend:

This is our referral program where you can earn Gift Cards for your referrals.

To kick off this program the first 40 customers to give us referrals will get at $10 gift card to one of these locations:

Refer a friend and win!

We work hard every day to earn your trust. It must be working because of all the referrals we get. When you share our name with your friends and family, it means a great deal to us. We feel appreciated.

Referring us to your friends means your helping them too. We will compare insurance prices, look for potential coverage gaps to ensure they have the best protection at the lowest possible price.

BONUS: We are paying rewards as another way to say "thank you!" See our prize list to the right. Have your friend call us, and make sure they mention your name to be enrolled for the gift card reward please complete the form on this page and we'll give them a call.

NOTE the first 40 of our customers to give us qualified referrals will be sent one of the gift cards from the right.  A qualified referral is one were you have spoken to the friend or relative and told them about us and they are willing to receive a call from us to help them with their insurance needs.

Once we have given these 40 cards we will renew the referral program.


Cook Insurance provided me by far and away the most reasonable rates on my contractors insurance and I highly recommend them to other contractors I work with on a daily basis”                                                         Ralph Kelly, Medina, OH

 “I’ve insured my business with Cook Insurance the last few years.  The agents always have time even to check out the most minor issues.  The agents work around even the busiest of schedules, and find the best rates on the most complete coverage.  I’m glad I changed agents and you will be too.                    A. Searcy, Akron, OH

 Service with Cook Insurance has been wonderful.  We appreciate the time they give to us.”                                                                           Hank Clason, Medina, OH

I read your report and found out I was violating 2 of the 7 deadly sins.  Your staff is very helpful.  They return phone calls promptly; at this point there is no way you can improve your service.                                               Paul Sveda, Medina, OH


Past Winners