Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio - It's Not the Same as Auto Insurance

If you love to ride your motorcycle in Ohio there are some excellent places to enjoy the freedom that only a bike can provide. When the weather is agreeable, motorcycling is not only affordable transportation, but also a lot of fun. However, it is very important to be certain you have the right motorcycle insurance before you take to the road. Having an experienced insurance agent can be the best way to make sure your coverage is sufficient so you don't end up with a financial nightmare on your hands. Let's look at the example story of Fred P, to demonstrate why you need the right coverage in place.

Fred loved riding his bike and whenever the weather was permitting, he would ride to work and back and take long trips on the weekend with friends. In fact, he decided to buy a smaller bike just for daily driving and use his big bike for road trips. This would save money on gas and he wouldn't put too many miles on the big bike. Plus, motorbike insurance on a smaller and older bike would be inexpensive.

Fred found a ten year old 400 cc bike which fit his needs fairly well for driving in the city each day. Plus, the bike was cheap since it needed some TLC. Fred bought the bike and fixed it up and when it was time for cycle insurance, he wanted the cheapest possible policy. He bought liability only and the minimal requirements. After all, how much damage can a midsized motorcycle cause?

Fred's plan for saving money worked well for about a year but if you drive long enough, eventually some kind of traffic accident is going to happen. On the way home from work one evening, Fred's bike hit a patch of sand and skidded into an intersection. This caused the car in front of him to swerve and hit the car behind him head-on when it swerved.

The head-on collision resulted in two serious injuries and Fred's bike was "at fault" in the accident so his insurance had to pay. However, the most his insurance would pay was $50,000 and total claims came to almost twice that much. This brought a great deal of financial hardship into Fred's life, which could have been avoided.

What Makes Motorcycle Insurance Different Than Auto Insurance?

Many people mistakenly believe a bike cannot cause as much damage as a car. However, as you can see from Fred's example story, this is not always the case. Motorcycle coverage is designed to protect your bike, passengers, and others on the road from a wide range of potential hazards.

Who Needs Motorbike Insurance?

Everyone in Ohio must have financial responsibility or liability insurance, if they drive a motorized vehicle on the roads or highways. This includes:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Trikes (3-wheelers)
  • Dirt bikes
  • Mini bikes
  • Mopeds
  • Motor scooters

What is Standard Cycle Insurance?

A typical policy depends on whether you have a loan on your bike or not. You can get by with only liability but you must have a clear title. Here is what full coverage should look like:

  • Liability - the state mandates a minimum of 25/50/25. This stands for 25K personal injury claims (one person). 50K total injury claims. 25K maximum payout for property damage.
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured motorists

Motorcycle Insurance Options

When you take out insurance you have the option of increasing liability coverage and this makes a great deal of sense. In reality, most people should be carrying at least 100/300/100 insurance. Here are additional insurance options:

  • Medical payments
  • Coverage for custom parts and accessories
  • Roadside assistance
  • Total loss insurance - will pay for a new bike
  • Loss of vehicle - rental vehicle fees
  • Trip interruption coverage

Getting the Right Motorbike Insurance

Insuring your bike is not the same as your car, so why not choose people who understand the needs of bike owners? If you go to an insurance agent (who works for one insurer) this person only has so much to offer you. An independent agent is not an insurance rep. This person works for you and has your interests at heart.

Your independent agent from The R.C. Cook Insurance Agency can get insurance for just about every kind of motorcycle and rider in the state. This includes insurance on golf carts, Segways, and ATVs.

You receive insurance advice and guidance from a seasoned insurance professional. This is the best way to get the right kind of coverage so you do not end up with a financial nightmare on your hands, should disaster strike someday.

At The R.C. Cook Insurance Agency we offer a variety of cycle insurance discounts to our customers. In addition we also can get you lower premiums if you are a safe rider.

When you do business with The R.C. Cook Insurance Agency your claims are settled in a prompt manner to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Plus, you'll enjoy peace of mind in knowing we can get you insurance from the number one motorcycle insurer in the United States. Visit our fast free insurance quote section today, to see how easy it is to save on your insurance.