Getting the Right Boating Insurance in Ohio

Boating in Northeastern Ohio is a hobby or pastime for some but many people here take boating seriously and a good boat can represent a significant investment in both time and money. You probably have boat insurance on your vessel, but did you know all vessel insurance is not the same and you could have gaps in your coverage that you are not aware of? Let's take the example story or Barney M for instance.

Barney loved getting away from it all and he and his friends often spent time at Portage Lakes State Park, fishing and boating in the lovely and scenic waters. His old 14 foot aluminum boat was getting on in years and the 30 hp outboard motor was hard to start sometimes. In fact, last year he only got to go fishing twice and both times, problems with the engine ruined the trips. Barney decided it was time for a new 15 foot fiberglass fishing boat with a powerful 50 horsepower motor.

He wanted to pay cash for the boat and considered minimal insurance for the first year (to save money). This meant not carrying liability coverage on his boating insurance policy. However, his wife Ellen was not happy about this decision and it didn't take too long to convince him to carry boating liability coverage.

The fishing season went well until one day there was an accident on a local waterway. Barney and several of his friends were out fishing late and were hurrying back to shore when Barney (who was driving) heard a crunching noise on the side of the boat. He turned to examine it and at the same time another vessel was traveling fast just around the bend and a collision was inevitable.

The accident resulted in several injuries and a lot of damage and because Barney was not looking ahead when it happened, he was considered the "at fault" party. Had he not taken out sufficient liability insurance (as Ellen insisted) he would have been responsible for many $20,000 worth of insurance claims.

What is Boat Insurance Coverage?

When you invest your hard earned money in a boat you should protect it from a wide range of hazards. You never know when trouble can happen and when you have insurance coverage, it will reimburse you for most things that can occur, including lawsuits and legal fees.

Do I Really Need To Insure My Boat?

Some people make the mistake of thinking their boats are covered by homeowners insurance but this is not always the case. Even if the boat is older and not considered to be worth a great deal of money, it is possible to be involved in a boating accident, and everyone should have some kind of liability insurance, even though it is not required by law. You should insure all vessels including:

  • Yachts
  • Fishing boats
  • Sports boats
  • Sailboats
  • Canoes
  • Small boats
  • Jet skis

What's in a Typical Boating Insurance Policy?

If you are interested in basic coverage, here is what you should consider:

  • Liability
  • Hull coverage - includes the engine too
  • Personal possessions and gear
  • Medical payments insurance

Boat Insurance Options

  • On the water towing coverage
  • Roadside assistance - make sure your vehicle has roadside assistance when you are towing your boat.
  • Replacement coverage for total losses - this is very important for new and expensive boats and will pay to buy a new vessel instead of just the fair market value.
  • Wreckage removal fees coverage
  • Environmental cleanup fees - if you are involved in an accident it may require extensive services to clean up spilled fuel and oil.
  • Comprehensive coverage - make sure your home owners policy covers damage to your vessel while it is stored at home
  • Extra liability protection - if your boat is large or you carry many passengers, you should have more than the usual liability insurance.
  • Boat trailer insurance
  • Trip interruption coverage

The Independent Advantage for Boat Insurance

When you need to insure your boat, it's vital to select the right agent. In fact, this is just as important as the company you choose because an independent agent is there to help you select the best insurer and coverage options. This is why so many people in Northeast Ohio come to The R.C. Cook Insurance Agency.

Why Choose R.C. Cook Insurance Agency?

  • We have been serving our clients for more than 50 years
  • Independent agents who do not work for insurance companies
  • Claims representatives who understand the needs of boaters
  • Variety of vessel insurance discounts available
  • Insurance from the top boat insurer in the country

Your independent agent works hard to find you the right coverage with the best possible insurance company. This not only saves you on premiums, but ensures you will not have to deal with major headaches if you must make a claim some day.

Don't take chances with the well-being of your boat, friends, and family. Come to The R.C. Cook Insurance Agency for a quick free quote on your insurance today. You also can call us at (330) 296-3628 for more information.