Little Things in life

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It's the little things that can make the biggest disruption...this little piece of metal standing up on a wing can slow the airplane from 355 kts to 132 kts.  So watch the little things as the devil is in the details and we watch the details as insurance agents.

Other little things include helping others in a time of need and as an insurance agent and past adjuster I see time and time again when people have automobile accidents that the witnesses never step up and stay to give their version of what happened.  It is however, very important as too many times the adjuster is left with two conflicting stories and then the decision is both parties are at fault and they split damages.  Leaving the person who was not at fault getting part of the blame.

Over the weekend I saw an accident and although it was inconvenient to wait for the officer, it was worth the wait.  Because if I had not of waited and told my side of the story the officer was going to not write a citation to the actual party that was at fault.

It was the little things that counted just my 1/2 a page of a written statement made the biggest of differences for how the police handled the situation and will probably also make the difference for insurance claim.


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