Fun facts for winter:

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As winter is here we find ourselves busy shopping and having family and friend get-to-togethers, we often get so caught up in the season that we forget to do the little things. Enjoying the winter with friends and family we want to keep ourselves protected. What happens if you break down or slip into a snow drift? Especially with new drivers, having their first winter experience driving, here are some tips to get you through this winter. Keep these items in the trunk of your vehicle in case of emergency:

  •  Blankets
  •  Flares
  •  Wind-up Radio
  •  First aid kit
  •  Jumper cables
  •  Bottled water
  •  Flashlight with extra batteries
  •  Small tool kit
  •  Shovel
  •  Sand
  •  Food that does not expire

Some other things to remember is our home. Since you’re having friends and family visiting through-out the season, here are some safety tips to remember as well as some tips to keep your home safe and warm:

  • Keep pipes warm: when pipes freeze it can be an awful mess. Turn off any exterior faucets as well as keeping the inside pipes warm with pipe insulation.
  • Weather stripping: Windows, Doors,
  • Roof Rake: To prevent snow build-up on your roof causing damage.
  • Protect your central air unit with a cover to prevent damage to the unit
  • Snow Shovel and De-icer Keep all your walk ways clear and safe for your family and friends
  • Water proof mats for your entry doors: helps prevent falls in your home
  • Keep emergency kits inside your home: you never know what the weather will bring
  • Carbon-monoxide detectors for those who have a warm fire to curl up to
  • Unfortunately during the season we have to be extra safe protecting our home from unexpected intruders always make sure we lock our doors with deadbolts and turn those alarms on.  


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